The reindeer is a species that lives in the high mountains all year round. In summertime, the reindeer have enough food over large parts of the mountain area and are somewhat less vulnerable to disturbances.

In winter, however, the wild reindeer need peace and quiet, as food is very scarce and, in many areas, covered by snow and ice. They therefore seek out areas where it is possible to find food. The reindeer slow down and prefer not to move much during the winter months because they need to save their energy to get through the winter when access to food is very limited.

In the winter, the reindeer often stay along the road that leads towards Route 7 over Hardangervidda, because there is a lot of activity such as snow kiting, skiing, and dog sledding.

It is important that everyone visiting and staying in the mountains take the wellbeing of the wild reindeer into account and behave considerately towards them.

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