Meetings and events with the sound of mountain nature


Meetings and events with the sound of mountain nature

Get inspired and strengthen relationships

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Fresh air and memorable scenic surroundings can spark innovative thinking resulting in exciting new ideas. Gather your colleagues in the mountains for an unforgettable experience and team building.

Team building in an alternative setting to the traditional one; wild nature, relaxation, adrenaline, and our friendly and always positive team will give you a unique experience. Our hope is that you will strengthen your business relationships and that you will cherish unforgettable moments in this magical environment for a long time to come.

Our experience is that shared experiences and team accomplishments train and strengthen important qualities such as team spirit, communication, and motivation. Our vision is that you as a team should take home an experience that is out of the ordinary. A shared time that you do not only talk about in front of the fireplace during your stay, but also when you return to your regular workplace.

We are situated on Northern Europe’s largest mountain plateau, which is 1,000 meters above the sea level. In amazing surroundings, we take your group on an exciting snow kiting course where you learn new skills and experience something out of the ordinary. All according to standard security procedures. You will work together to strengthen relationships, you will create lasting impressions and beautiful experiences where the team really gets a chance to create bonds outside the normal framework of working life, by being in the mountains and in nature.

We organize everything so that your team can have an extraordinary time together high up in the mountains where nature itself sets the rules. Everything in the safe hands of our professional team.

Great food and accommodation in a cozy setting

At Halne Fjellstugu, we served tasty meals that reflects nature, and combine local traditions with the chef’s own twist. Many of the ingredients are caught, picked, and smoked in the local area and we will of course take any allergies and preferences into account upon request.

You will stay in a double room with a private bathroom in a modern and pleasant mountain cabin that has everything you need for a comfortable stay:

  • Sauna and hot tub with a panoramic view
  • Cosy living room with a fireplace
  • Fantastic view of the snow-covered mountain plateau

At Halne, we want you to experience a relaxed atmosphere, in a setting that we believe will result in improved working relationships in the long term, which we hope will lead to an even better working culture at your workplace.



20-80 persons


20 persons


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10-12 persons


80-100 persons