Adventures from Fjell to Fjord

Adventures from Fjell to Fjord

In 5 days we promise you authentic adventures with local guides on the
Hardangervidda Nationalpark and at the Hardangerfjord. 

In the period of March to May, we can offer magical landscapes with both winter and spring.

Spectacular drive across the Hardangervidda National Park to Vøringsfossen, Måbødalen and down to the Hardangerfjord

  • 1 night at Bardøla Høyfjellshotell with breakfast
  • 2 nights at HalneFjellstugu with breakfast, lunch & dinner
    • Snowshoe trip with view over the Hardangervidda National 
    • Dogsledding 1,5 hour (expandable) 
    • Fell free to try ice fishing on your own
  • 1 night at Eidfjord Fjell & Fjord Hotel with breakfast and dinner
    • Local sidertasting in the livingroom at Eidfjord Fjell & Fjord Hotel 
    • Expandable with Hardanger Fjordsafari on request 

We help you with transport Geilo – Halne and Halne – Eidfjord .

Price from 6990,- NOK per person

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