The Kitchen at Halne

Our menu is based on local traditions and specialities from ou chef. We specialize among other things in cured meat from local mountain pigs, fish from the fjord, venison from the plateau and berries picked locally in the autumn.
Food always taste nice when you are high up in the mountains. Our food is typical of the different seasons and we have a passion for natural ingredients. The food we serve is therefore caught, picked, cured and smoked from local produce.
The production of our food comes from the mountain and surrounding villages. On our menu you can find reindeer (venison), elk, lamb, mountain pic and trout from the Halne Fjord.
Soups and gravy are made from pure stock.
The menu offers a varied choice of seasonal food.

Together to share the good experiences – bring your group of friends or relatives and experience the silence on Hardangervidda!

Halne Fjellstugu is the perfect destination and gathering point. During the day you are warmly welcomed in the Spiseriet which is open for a la carte dining. Here is everyone welcome if it is only a short visit or if you want to stay for several days.



Appetizer, main course and dessert