Husky Special – Hardangervidda dogsledding. Vinter 2020

Husky Special – Hardangervidda dogsledding. Vinter 2020

Have a unique spring experience in the middle of Hardangervidda. From 1 690 NOK march to may.

Type: Dogsledding
Area: Hardangervidda
Organizer: Geilo Husky AS
Parking: Yes
Meeting point: Halne Fjellstue
Order time threshold: The day before, 22:00

In spring we move all our dogs up in Hardangervidda and do all dogdriving from there. Since it is a long way to drive from Geilo we offer only a bit longer trips.
Spring-dogsledding takes about 1 hour and 30 min, you are offered a hot drink and chocolate on the way. You will need 2 hours in total.

If you are coming from Geilo you need 45 min driving to Halne. If you do not have your own car you can book transportation online (you get the option when you have choosen dogsledding).
​If you need transportation from Geilo we only take 190 nok extra for the 1,5 hour transportation (total time). If you have your own car you need to plan to drive from Geilo at least one hour before your trip starts. You drive towards Eidfjord, and stop when you are at Halne Fjellstue.

​Do you have your own transport we recomand you to take your lunch/dinner in Halne and choose from the great menu they have there. Norwegian food at it’s best!

Dogsledding in Hardangervidda will only happen as long as the weather is good enough for the roads to be open and the dogsledding to be safe. You need to know that we might cancel the dogsledding last minute in case of bad weather. We will try to move you to next day, if that is not possible you get full refund.

​Prices are
1 390 NOK for children
1 690 NOK for adults
5 690 NOK for family (2+2) – are you more people, put 2 adults and 2 children in the basket before continue to order.

Package: To nights in Halne Mountaincabin with all meals, transportation from trainstation and spring-dogsledding – 3 990 NOK pr person.

Bring: Warm clothes and camera
Duration: 75 min on the sled – 3-4 hours in total
Meeting point: Halne Fjellstue
The price includes: Dogsledding, hot drink and Norwegian snack.
Age limit: Kids are from 3-11 years. Adult from 12 year old. Please let us know if you have children younger than 6 years old.
Number of participants: We usually take 7 pax pr trip, but this can vary. Please contact us if you need more information about group orders etc.

Contact us: or +47 905 98 252

Please be in Halne minimum 5-10 min before your scheduled trip!

Hardangervidda (English: Hardanger Plateau) is a mountain plateau (Norwegian: vidde) in central southern Norway – in the middle between Oslo and Bergen. It is the largest plateau of its kind in Europe, with a cold year-round alpine climate, and one of Norway’s largest glaciers, Hardangerjøkulen, is situated here. Much of the plateau is protected as part of Hardangervidda National Park.